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Report: Zones by indices

¿What is it?

The Zones by Index report creates the classification of an index (of date selected by the user) and generates a map of up to 7 zones (polygons) to know what area is affected to each situation.
This analysis can be applied to all monitoring indicess available in Farm 360: NDVI, SAVI, EVI, NDRE, NDMI and NDWI.

This report includes:

  • The image of the chosen index on the selected date.
  • The map of zones resulting from the analysis
  • Table with area of each zone or class (expressed in hectares and percentage) and the average index value for each
  • Zones area comparison bar chart.
The image comparison shows a NDVI image and its classification into 3 zones (High, Medium and Low NDVI). In this case, the grouping criterion used is cluster, since the aim was to differentiate the zones with the presence of weeds in the lot and the affected area.

Guardá tu zonificación como una nueva capa!

Es posible guardar la zonificación que generaste como una nueva capa dentro de Campo 360, te mostramos como hacerlo

¿Para qué serviría? Tener la capa almacenada nos va a permitir generar una prescripcion variable de insumos con el asistente de prescripción, utilizarla en otros analisis como por ejemplo: rindes por area o enviar a campo 360 app para recorrerla!


¿What is it used for?

This is one of the most used reports, since it allows to go from a raster image (index) to a map of polygons (zones), with the consequent calculation of areas of each sector of the field.

It is very practical to determine areas with different index values within the lot and to group areas with similar situations.

In addition, it can be used to assist and simplify field visits, previously determining the areas of similar characteristics that need to be covered, for example, to make yield estimates or monitor the response to variable rate applications.

Finally, the resulting zone map can be downloaded in .shape or .geojson format for use as a prescription base.

¿How is it generated?

In the Report tool, select the Zone by Indices Report.

Select the index on which the zoning will be done and the field to be used. You can select among these indexes: NDVI, SAVI, EVI, NDWI, NDMI and NDRE. Then, indicate the date of interest.

Select one of the three available zoning methods and the number of zones to be defined. Each method uses a different criterion to group NDVI values into zones, and according to that, define the intervals. In this same step you can also generate a zoning map to navigate with your mobile app.

Click on “Generate” to create the report.


In this same step you can check the option “Mbtiles” to send to Farm 360 App the resulting map of areas in order to use it in future visits to the field.

Click on “Generate” to create the report.

After a few minutes you can check the “Created” section to access your zone report.

If you have doubts about which index to use in zoning, you can consult this article: What are monitoring indices and when are they used?

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