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Zones by index

In the Index Zones section you will find the maps of the zoning carried out, in this article we clarify everything you need to know.


What is it?

Zone maps by indexes are the result of zoning.

The classification is based on:

  • A Sentinel, Landsat, or Planet image.
  • An index,
  • A classification method and number of classes

Once the process is finished, it is possible to store the zoning as a new layer within Farm360.

For more information about the different zoning methods and what you can do, we suggest the following article.

Layer structure

These layers have two structures, the first one that we are going to discuss is data from the independent layer of the classes.

Name Description
Date When was zoning created
Image date Selected image
Sensor It is related to the image, it can be Sentinel2 (S2), Landsat 8 (L8) or Planet
Index Selected for sorting
Method For example cluster or quantiles.
Number of Classes Indicates the number of classes selected for the process


The second is data from each class:

  • Percent area: refers to the percentage of surface that the class occupies.
  • Average value of the index and standard deviation of the class.
  • Minimum and maximum value recorded.
  • 25th and 75th percentile
  • Area [ha] occupied by the class

What is it for?

Having zoning as a new layer will allow:

  • By zoning on a critical date where an event has occurred, it is possible to use the new layer for further analysis and damage assessment.
  • We take the classification of the last available image, we can go to tour the field with the zoning carried out and identify the low NDVIS classes
  • Under the flooding scenario, zoning the NDWI index to identify the bodies of water and store it as a layer will allow us to determine the impact of the flood on the crop.

We mention some uses, however there are many scenarios where it will be useful to have the index zone layer.

In 360 you can use the new layer in the following reports: yields by area and indexes by area or create a prescription from a zoning. You can also send the zoning to Campo360 app to go through it !.

How it is generated?

To create and save the zone layer by index perform the following steps:

1. Generate the report of zones by indexes.

2. Go to the ‘created’ section and click on the line that identifies the report.

3. In the left margin a button will appear with the option to import geojson as an index zone layer.


To view a previously stored index zone:

1. Click on the option ‘Zone by Index’ located on the left side panel

2. At the bottom the available layers are displayed.

3. Select the one you want to view.

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