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In the Yield section you will find the performance maps, in this article we clarify everything you need to know.


For more information you can consult the following articles: export a layer, assign symbology to a layer, and import a new performance layer.

What is it?

A yield map is the graphical representation of a series of geopositioned crop yield data obtained by a combine equipped with a yield monitor and a DGPS receiver.

In turn, the yield maps provide us with information on the harvest date, speed, humidity, among others.


What is it for?

Performance maps have many valuable functions:

  • Observe the variability of a field in terms of performance, which can be the starting point to start generating macro-environments and start managing the field in a variable way, that is, adapting to the conditions of each of the delimited environments.
  • A yield map can be used to analyze the yields resulting from the different operations within the lot, thus being able to calculate and analyze the margins obtained.
  • If we have a productivity map, crossing it with a performance map helps us to improve the different environments campaign after campaign and to better understand the characteristics of the field.
  • Having yield maps of all the crops season after season, and recording the conditions of the crop such as sowing date, hybrid and treatments carried out will be useful to plan the next campaigns and predict yields.

In Campo 360 you can capture information on the performance maps with the following reports: yield report and yield by area.

Layer structure

The layers that store the maps contain information such as:

Name Description
Harvest Start Date taken by the machine at harvest time.
Culture and Hybrid Source Defined by the field when processing the map.
Platform width Machine data, it is used to calculate the harvested area and the total yield.
Adjusted Performance Adjusted mean return value by discarding captured null or extreme values.
Yield of Balance Entered by the user at the time of requesting the processing.
Average Speed ​​and Humidity Captured by the machine.


You will find other data of the machine and the work such as: Machinery, operator, harvested area, etc.


How is it obtained?

As mentioned above, the starting point is the georeferenced file of the harvest made. With this input we proceed to download the information, assign the appropriate symbology and end with the performance map in Campo 360!

More information!

Contact the GeoAgro Services and Implementation team to learn more about the performance mapping process: servicios@geoagro.com

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