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Yield Report by Area


What is it?

The Yields by area correlates a yield map with a polygon or area map, such as a prescription, a productivity map or an environmental zones map.

It is a key report for conducting end-of-season analysis, allowing for the evaluation of management practices and drawing conclusions.

To learn about the report’s content, click on the indicators in the image below:

tooltip text

Field and crop data. Location within the farm.


Yield maps (left) and area maps (right) with their legends


Table with the average yield value, area, and percentage of area for each of the zones


Box plot illustrating the variability of yield values within each class or zone.


Table with the average yield value, area, and percentage of area for each of the zones


Area corresponding to each class of the area map

Download an example!

To better understand the concepts, you can download this sample report.

What is it for?


It is a key report to carry out the campaign analysis, allowing for different conclusions to be drawn based on the selected layers to ‘cross’ with performance.

  • The yield analysis by productivity map serves to validate the latter as a synthesis of the productive capacity of the field: the areas indicated as having higher historical productivity generally reflect the highest yields.
  • When comparing the yield map with a prescription map, it is possible to evaluate the effect of a specific management decision, such as variable rate seeding by environments. It is also very useful for evaluating trials, as in the case of seed dosage.

How is it generated?

In the Reports tool, select the Yields by area report.

Enter the Report name, select the field, choose the polygon layer and the corresponding performance map.

Click on “Generate” to create the report.

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