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Yield by Area

What is it?

The Yields by area report allows a cross between a performance map and a polygon or area map, such as a prescription, a productivity map or an environment map.

It includes:

  1. Data of the selected field and location within the farm.
  2. Performance Map and Productivity Map, prescription, environments or index by zones.
  3. Table with the average value of performance and the area for each of the areas of the polygon layer.
  4. Table with the average value of yield and the area for each of the areas of the polygon layer.
  5. Bar graph illustrating the average yield value and its area for each class.
tooltip text

Mapa de rendimiento y de poligonos


Relación entre el rendimiento y las clases de los poligonos


Para cada clase datos estadísticos

Download an example!

To better understand the concepts, the information that is represented and the work map, you can download an example of the yield report by area.

What is it for?

This report is useful to know the average yield of each of the classes or areas identified within the lot.

By comparing the performance map of a campaign with a prescription, it is possible to determine the effect that a driving practice had. If we want to validate productivity, it will be enough to compare the performance with the map, visualizing that the most productive classes represent a higher yield. And finally, a layer of environments with limitations or soil properties, the report will provide us with information on the distribution of the yield in each class.

How is it generated?

In the Reports tool, select the Yields by area report.

Enter the Report name, select the field, choose the polygon layer and the corresponding performance map.

Click on “Generate” to create the report.

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