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What are monitoring indices and when are they used?

Farm 360 provides different monitoring indices, they are very useful to evaluate different aspects of the crop during the agricultural cycle. These indices are obtained by processing the information captured by the multispectral remote sensors.  

Además, la visualización de las imágenes satelitales en Color Natural (TC) y Falso color (FC) permite detectar otros aspectos relevantes para el seguimiento del cultivo.In addition, the visualization of the satellite images in True Color (TC) and False Color (FC) allows to detect other relevant aspects for the follow-up of the crop.

The following summary table can help you recognize each indice and when to use each one: 

To learn more about these indices, their uses and applications you can visit these articles specific to each one:  NDVI, EVI, SAVI, NDRE, NDMI, NDWI, TC/FC