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Use of Services by Workspace

What is it?

It is an interactive dashboard that allows you to analyze the services used in 360: MbTiles (maps for field navigation) and Reports from the workspace statistics.

Some examples of use are the following:

  • Identify users and establishments with greater activity within the workspace.
  • Identify the total number of services used per month
  • Analyze establishments by services used.
  • Analyze users by service.

In this article we will see how to generate a Service Usage Dashboard by Workspace and walk through its different components.

How is it generated?

To generate the interactive Service Usage by Workspace dashboard follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the “Establishments” drop-down tab and select “All.. Reference: Tour through the interface.
  2. From the menu on the right side of 360, go to the dashboard section and select«Use of Services».
  3. The platform will automatically redirect you to the created dashboard.
  4. The dashboard provides the possibility to filter by:
    • Workspace
    • Farm
    • Users
    • Analysis period

What does it contain?



  • Farms. Compares the number of establishments with services with the total number of establishments.
  • Users. Indicates the total number of users for that workspace and the selected farm(s) in a given period of analysis.
  • Services.. Indicates the total number of services used during the analysis period.
  • Top 3 services.. Indicates the most used services and their quantity.

Analysis of services used

  • Pie chart of services used.. This chart represents the relative share of each service over the total services used.
  • Stacked bar chart.. It represents the number and type of services (MbTiles, Reports, Analytics) used per month.

In the upper right corner of the chart, you can see a toolbar that allows you to: download the current view of the chart as ‘.png’ and modify the zoom on the chart.

Farm Analysis

  • Bar Chart.. Represents the number of services ordered per establishment.

User Analysis

  • Bar Chart.. Represents the number of services requested per user.
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