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Tour through the platform interface

In this article you will learn to identify the tools and functions of GeoAgro 360 to have a more productive experience.

1) Workspace selector: is the “main directory” where the different projects are stored. Usually one workspace is assigned per company. More info

2) Farm selector: is the set of information relating to a particular field. More info.

3) Season selector: the information of each farm in GeoAgro 360 is organized by seasons. From this menu you can alternate the view of the current season with past seasons.

4) Reference panel: here are the different types of layers contained in the project. They allow you to order, access, view on the map and consult information about each one (fields, Management, Monitoring, etc)

5) Layers selector: once you have selected the type of layers you want to work on, this section of the screen lists the available layers within that group. If it is satellite monitoring, the calendar is activated from where you can choose the image dates you are interested in working with.

6) Map: is the space where the layers and maps you selected to view are displayed.

7) Visible layers: are the layers that you selected to work with and therefore are “fixed” on the map.

8) Layers menu, selected layer, selected object and GeoAgro 360 App: are different tools and functions to interact with the layers.

9) Zoom and Simbology: usual zoom tools, to zoom in and out of the map and the symbology icon, from where you can activate the display of the map legends and indices.

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