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Report: Series of indices

¿What is a Series of indices Report?

This report presents a sequence of indices (NDVI, NDRE, NDMI, etc) of different dates for one or several fields.

This report includes:

  1. The images in the chosen index for each selected date.
  2. Table with the indices values for each date and field.
  3. A graph with the evolution of the average value of the chosen index in the field for each date.

¿What is it used for?

It is a very useful comparative report to carry out any analysis of the evolution of the monitoring indices of one or several fields: to evaluate the development of the crop, to corroborate the impact of any incidence (climatic, by phytotoxicity, etc) and to plan the harvest order in a farm, among others.

¿How is it generated?

Use the Report tool, and select the Series of indices Report.

Select the index and the fields to compare.

In the next step, enter the dates of interest and click on Generate.

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