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Within the agricultural management areas, the different tasks that are carried out in a field are organized as a prescription. In this article you will find:


For more information you can consult the following articles: export a layer, assign symbology to a layer and navigate through different layers.

What’s a prescription?

A prescription is considered when a job is to be carried out in a specific site of the field, applying variable doses as a result of a previous analysis according to the needs or limitations of the field.

The Prescription map represents the distribution of the variable doses to be applied, both for seed and for fertilizer within the field. Farm360 allows to have the information of a prescription ordered and organized by application channels, it supports up to 4 channels.

What is it for?

The objective of using a prescription is the variable application of inputs in order to maximize production and minimize costs.

Las prescripciones pueden ser utilizadas para aplicación selectiva de herbicidas, aplicación variable de fertilizante y semillas, entre otros insumos.

Layer structure

Layer prescription has associated information about the work to be carried out in four different application channels. For each one you will be able to register:


  • Treatment for example sowing or fertilization.
  • Input
  • Dosage to apply
  • Unit of the doses to be applied

Farm 360 allows you to edit a prescription, we suggest you follow the steps in the article to know how to update your map.


Keeping complete and up-to-date information on the work carried out in each field within Farm 360 will allow you to have greater traceability throughout the campaign and, at the end, make a better balance!

How do I import a prescription?

To add a new prescription map follow these steps:

1. In the right side panel, click on the “import” option.

2. Select the file containing the prescription, .shp (compressed in .zip) and geojson format are supported.

3. Indicate if it is a new layer or if you want to import it over a previously created layer.

4. Assign the <Prescription> layer type and a name for the map.

5. Indicate for each channel the information contained in the file: Treatment, Input, Dose.

6. To finish, click on import.

In Farm 360 you can obtain your Prescription Map report to know how to generate it, see the following article: Prescription Report.

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