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Prescription Report

What is it?

This report presents a summary of a Prescription Map, including the type of prescription (seed, fertilizer, etc), and the prescription rate, for the corresponding field and crop season.

It includes:

  • Map of the field and rate to be applied in all channels.
  • Table summarizing information on prescribed rate and area
  • Pie chart with percentages and areas per prescribed rate.

What is it for?

It gives an oferview of the application that will be carried out.

It allows you to see the total hectares per rate and then compare with the real application, to perform calibrations on the equipment.

The Prescription report is part of the documentation of the field: of the products that are applied, rate and area.


How is it generated?

In the Reports tool, select the Prescription Report.

Next, select the fields (s) to include and the prescription map (s). If more than one field or map is selected, individual reports will be produced for each selected field.

To finish, click on «Generate»

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