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Planting Area

Within the recommendation layers you will find the Planting Area layer where the variability of reseeding a Lot is recorded. In this article you will find information about:


What are the Planting Areas?

Campo360 allows you to leave a record of the recommendations or tasks that are carried out in the field. The planting area is one of those recommendations and allows us to distinguish within the field the areas where, due to different agronomic factors, it is necessary to overseed and those areas where it is not necessary.

What is it for?

Having the Laboratory Areas within Campo360 allows you to carry out monitoring analysis of your crops and identify possible limitations in the development of the crop, for example, lack of any mineral in the soil.

Layer structure

Planting maps store the following information in each polygon:

Name Description
Crop  Plannting crop
Hybrid  Hybrid or Variety of the crop.
Prescribed Dosage  Quantity to sow.
Unit  Unit of planting density.
Date of seeding  Date of seeding.
Reseeding  Binary value (Yes / No) as appropriate.
Note  Attributes that can be added
Surface [ha]  Polygon area.

How do I import a layer?

To import a layer the following steps must be carried out:

  1. Click on Import  
  2. Select the file and type of layer
  3. Match the attributes
  4. Enter layer’s general data (metadata)

Reference: Importing a Layer

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