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In this article, you will find information on the use of Farm operation Maps and how it is implemented in Farm360.


For more information you can consult the following articles: export a layer, assign symbology to a layer, edit attributes and import a new layer.

What is a operation map?

The work or application map consists of representing the applied dose in the field. The data source for these maps is provided by agricultural machines through georeferenced points or polygons.

Using a map as a resource, it is very easy to observe the distribution of the application in case of having carried out variable doses or detecting areas where there was a product deficit.

What is it for?

These maps are useful to detect incidents in the planting and application stage, and to establish the pertinent corrections. There are monitors that, in addition to capturing the real dose, record the speed. This last variable is useful to determine if the deficit or over application can be caused by the speed of the machine.


We recommend the following articles related to the work layer: Operation Report and Prescription vs applied.

Layer data structure

The job map has information associated with the layer:

Name Description
Field  By spatial intersection to which lot does the labor map belong.
Crop  Hybrid and culture related to the batch layer.
Platform Width Machine platform width is used to calculate the mapped surface.
Treatment It can be Sowing, Fertilizer among others.
Monitor Machinery used in the work.
Channel Channel of the machinery used for dosing.
Surface [ha] It is calculated from the captured points and the width of the platform, it indicates the mapped surface.
avg speed [km/h] Average speed of application.
Medium application Average dose recorded in the labor.
Total application Result of multicarring the registered dose and the calculated surface with the width of the platform.


The labor layer stores more information as a source prescription that refers to the doses associated with that labor. This data is entered by the user when requesting the service of processing a labor map.


As elaborated?

As mentioned above, the starting point is the georeferenced file of the work done. With this input we proceed to download the information, assign the appropriate symbols and end with the work map in Farm 360 to continue the analysis!

 More information!

Contact the GeoAgro Services and Implementation team to learn more details about the job mapping process: servicios@geoagro.com

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