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Operations Report

What is it?

The application or operation report represents the action carried out in a field, it can be sowing or fertilization. The applied input is mapped, the georeferencing and the sensors that the machines have allow to capture the distribution of the input within the field. The application maps can be mapped with points or polygons.

tooltip text

Información general del Lote y mapa de Aplicación


Mapas de velocidad, altimetría y humedad del suelo.


In the report you will find

    1. General information of the Field: name of the field, farm, season, surface, crop, hybrid and harvest date.
    2. Performance data: monitor used, person or contractor in charge, mapped or worked surface, performance values, humidity and speed.
   3. Yield maps, crop moisture, machine speed and altimetry.

Take an example!

To better understand the concepts, the information that is represented and the work map, you can download an example of the application report.

What is it for?


The work or application report is used to:


  • Analyze the distribution of the input applied within the field.
  • The speed map determines the performance of the application.
  • It is also used to know the calibration status of the machines through the application distribution chart and share it with the team.
  • Keeps the work carried out in the field updated, increasing traceability in the agricultural cycle.

How is it generated?

I followed the following steps:

1. In the Reports tool, select the Performance Report.

2. Choose the appropriate performance layer.

3. Click on “Generate” to create the report.

For more information you can consult the following article: layers of operations.

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