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Monitoring with Planet

In the following article you will find information about Satellite Monitoring with Planet images:

Why choose Planet?

Satellite monitoring with Planet allows more precise monitoring throughout the crop cycle, especially for monitoring weeds, pests, and diseases; seeding controls, plant counts, and overseeding decisions; re-fertilization; yield estimation, etc.

Applied to agricultural activity, the reliable and up-to-date information provided by these satellites allows problems to be detected as they arise and to support timely responses.

Sensor characteristics

Some features that highlight the monitoring with Planet:

  • More than 100 sensors in orbit
  • High frequency of visits
  • 4 meter resolution
  • Images available in False Color and Natural Color.
  • Index: NDVI, EVI, SAVI, NDWI.

Available reports


Due to the number of sensors that Planet has available and the differences in revisit hours, there may be a small variation in the values of the indexes in the Series and Change Rate reports.

How do I access?

To request the Planet service, follow the steps:

1. Click on “Planet”.

2. Select the field for which you want to contract the service.

3. In the lower left side, a button will appear to request the service!

4. We will contact you to continue the request.

For more information you can consult the website of Planet by GeoAgro.

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