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Merge multiple files into one

The reports that are made through the Farm360 platform and are stored in the google drive of the user who requested the report, however, on many occasions we want to generate a single document that contains several reports made.

This can be useful, for example, when generating an operations report, after prescription and finally prescription vs application, closing the loop. If we wanted to share this information with another person, we should share three reports and following these steps all the information will be in a single document!


Para unir los diferentes reportes vamos a utilizar una herramienta llamada ‘Merge Google Documents’, que se encuentra disponible dentro de google apps.

Click on this link to install the google extension.

To perform these steps it will be necessary that you have a gmail account.


Once logged into the Gmail account, follow these steps:

1. Make the reports you want to join on the Farm360 platform.

2. From Gmail, select the ‘Merge Google Documents’ tool from google apps.



3. Select the reports you want to join in the option ‘Select file, folders from drive’.

4. Enter the name under which you want to save the new document.

5. Click on ‘Merge Documents’.

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