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Management of Crop Seasons

With this tool, you will be able to:

Create Crop Seasons.

To create a new agricultural campaign you have to follow these steps:


  1. Enter Campo 360 and select the Workspace and Establishment where you want to create the new campaign. At the top of the screen click on “Campaign”.
  2. You select the “+” symbol to add a new campaign.
  3. A new window opens, allowing you to select between:
    • Copy from an existing campaign (All the information of farms, fields, etc. will be copied).
    • Create a new campaign.
  4. You indicate the name of the new campaign.
  5. You select the range of dates your campaign starts and ends.
  6. To finish, click on “Add”.

Edit Crop Seasons.

To edit an existing crop campaign, you will need to do the following:


  1. From the panel located at the top of the screen, click on “Campaigns” and the menu of existing campaigns will be displayed.
  2. Select “Edit”.
  3. Make the changes you need and to finish click on “Update”.

Delate Crop Seasons.

To delete an existing crop campaign, follow these steps:


  1. Select the campaign in the top panel.
  2. When you click, the menu is displayed. I chose the “Delete” option.
  3. Follow the steps indicated in the new window.
  4. To finish and confirm that you want to delete the campaign, click on “Yes”.

To learn more about the platform, its uses and applications, you can visit the Farm 360 Administration section.