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Login Farm360 then closes

If you run into errors when using the Farm360 app from Android device, we recommend the following solutions:


If the error persists, contact the GeoAgro support team by sending an email to soporte@geoagro.com.

So that we can help you faster, do not forget to describe the problem, include the version of the application and the model of the device you are using!

When you open 360app the application closes

If when entering the Farm360 mobile application or when importing data in a tour, the app closes automatically, we propose the following checklist to solve the problem:
1) Check if you have free space on the mobile device
Farm 360 stores information on your mobile, therefore it is necessary that you have free space for its correct operation. If after freeing space the problem persists, continue with point (2).
2) Revoke the permissions of the App and reassign them, to carry out this action follow the instructions:
  • From the cell phone, enter the ‘Settings’ option
  • Choose ‘Applications and Notifications’ and search for Farm360
  • Select ‘Permissions’
  • Choose ‘Content and Multmedia Files’ and change the permission to ‘Deny’
  • Repeat the previous step for the options ‘Camera’ and ‘Location’
  • Open Campo 360 App and give the permissions again when requested.
If these steps do not solve the problem, we suggest you try this last instance:
3) Delete the data associated with the APP
This option will erase all the tour information that you have on your mobile device that has not yet been synchronized with Farm 360.
  • From the cell phone, enter the ‘Settings’ option
  • Choose ‘Applications and Notifications’ and search for Campo 360
  • Choose ‘Storage and Cache’
  • Choose ‘Free up Storage Space’
  • Choose ‘Clear cache memory’



Your problem may be someone else’s

We suggest you leave a comment on the forum detailing the problem and we will answer it right away!

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