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KoboToolBox is a globally used open platform for data collection through intuitive and user-friendly forms. GeoAgro360 integrates KoboToolBox to provide a complete solution that streamlines the information recording process during field visit, enabling:

  1. Create custom forms per company for each type of field visit
  2. Share the form with field collectors through a link
  3. Record field data without requiring internet, with automatic synchronization once the device gets a connection.
  4. Import data into GeoAgro 360 using Datasync, organizing information from all surveys by geographical correlation, preventing data loss.

Advantages of KoboToolBox for data collection

  • Flexibility in form creation: allows users to create customized forms tailored to the specific needs of the project.
  • Team collaboration: enables multiple collectors to work on a project collaboratively, speeding up and simplifying the collection process.
  • Offline use: the ability to collect data without an internet connection is crucial in remote areas or with limited connectivity.
  • Integration with GPS: KoboToolBox seamlessly integrates with GPS functionality on mobile devices, ensuring accurate geolocation.
  • Real-time data validation: data can be validated in real-time, minimizing errors and ensuring the quality of the collected information.
  • Secure storage: Data is securely stored in the cloud, eliminating the risk of information loss and facilitating access from anywhere.


Roles required to use KoboToolBox

To implement KoboToolBox in your company, two roles are required:

  • Project Administrator: responsible for creating, editing, and sharing links to forms with collectors before the field visit. Once field visits are completed, they must import the collected information into 360 using DataSync.
  • Collector: responsible for recording information in the field, using the form indicated by the Administrator.


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