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Importing a Layer

Previous to the article “Walkthrough”, it is recommended to be acquainted with some general concepts about the use of Farm 360 in: Layers in Farm 360

Which layers can be imported in Farm 360?

The following layers can be imported in Farm 360

Variability layers

Recommendation Layers

Machinery Layers 

Other Layers

Before importing…

It is recommended to consider two aspects before importing a layer:

Check files format

The following formats can be imported in Farm 360:

  • Shape files, compressed as .zip
  • Geojson files

For more information, visit the following article: File Formats Used in Farm 360

Check Files Data before Importing

Before importing a file, it is recommended to be acquainted with the data included in it.

A desktop GIS software, such as QGIS, or an on line service, such as www.mapshaper.org, can be used to check files data.

This is going to be useful when importing a file, since data in Farm 360 and data in the file should match.

Do you want to try using data?

  1. Download this file: Application – Points
  2. Open the file using www.mapshaper.org
  3. Go to the menu on the right > select features
  4. Check the map and the values

Steps to Import a Layer

To import a layer the following steps must be carried out:

  1. Click on Import  
  2. Select the file and type of layer
  3. Match the attributes
  4. Enter layer’s general data (metadata)

An example of the above mentioned steps can be seen in the following video:

To display the imported layer: details on this article

To add symbology: details on this article 

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