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Import Performance or Applications layer

In this article we show you how to import your own performance or application maps:


We recommend the following articles to know the structure and use of the layers of yield or operations.

How do I import a layer?

To import a layer, you must follow these steps:

  • Open the WS and select the field where you are going to import the Renders or Applications (Jobs) layer.
  • In the “Layers” menu on the right, click on “Import”.
  • Select the file and click “Open”.
  • On the next screen, you have to choose the type of layer to import between Renders or Jobs (Applications) and the name of the layer where you want to import it. Click on “Next”.
  • A new dialog box opens, where you must associate the attributes of the shp with the structure to import. Once you have listed the attributes, click on “Next”.
  • We are almost there ….. it only remains to define the name of the Lot, Crop, Hybrid and Date. Click Ok.

Supported formats

In Farm360 it supports two formats to import performance or application files, geojson and .shp (Shape File). For the second case, all files must be included in a compressed folder in .zip format.

Los archivos comprimidos (.zip) deben ser como maximo de 5 Mb y los geojson pueden alcanzar 90 Mb.


The symbology is assigned automatically taking as reference the minimum, average and final value performance by dividing into three ranges.

By default, the applied symbology takes red for lower values, passing through the yellow tones and assigning green to the maximum performance values.

In the lower right margin you can access the symbology tool to know the applied range and modify it.


How do I view the imported layer?

Once the layer is created and imported, you must select in the left side panel ‘Yield‘ or ‘Operations‘ as appropriate:

1. The list of available layers is displayed in the lower panel.

2. Select the layer you want to view.

We mention other tools that Farm36o offers that may be useful: editing attributes of a layer, modifying symbology and exporting a layer.

Add analysis

And you have the new layers of performance or imported tasks, it is time to add value by performing statistical analysis, we propose some of them:


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