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How to import fields from the John Deere Operations Center to GeoAgro 360

From the DataSync App you can import the fields available in the John Deere Operations Center to GeoAgro 360 for comprehensive crop management.


Taking as a starting point a farm and its fields available in the John Deere Operations Center, you will see how to import these geometries to GeoAgro 360 using the DataSync App.


Import layers and grant permissions to access data

Within DataSync, click on “Import Layer” and choose the “Fields” option. Next, select John Deere as the data source.

In order to connect with Operations Center it is necessary to grant the corresponding permission to access the data. To do this, click on “Grant access”.


Choose the organization and authorize GeoAgro to access the data

Back in DataSync, you have to choose the organization you want to access and John Deere will ask for confirmation to authorize GeoAgro to access. These authorizations are granted only once.

Then, you have to identify the client and the farm to which you want to connect. At this point, you can preview the fields available for the selected farm.


Attribute matching and data correspondence

The next step is to perform the matching of attributes between both systems to avoid loss of information. Then, you have to do the crop data matching and specify the destination of the data in 360, i.e. the name of the workspace, the crop season and the farm where the fields will be copied.


Import fields

You can directly import the data or preview it so you can monitor and edit it if necessary. It is possible to modify the name of the fields, assign a crop and planting date, or choose which fields you want to import.

Once the fields have been selected, you have to confirm the operation and the fields are imported into 360. On this platform, it is possible to manage them with all the available functionalities, which allows comprehensive and efficient crop management.



In short, importing fields from the John Deere Operations Center to GeoAgro 360 is a simple task that allows the integration of different management systems and improves the efficiency of agricultural campaigns.

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