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Symbology Management

In this article we show you how to create your own symbologies and assign it to a layer.

  • Create new Symbology
  • General characteristics
  • Assign created symbology

Create new symbology

Farm 360 allows you to customize your layers by creating your own symbologies according to the attributes that the layer has.

Select a layer and follow these steps to create a new symbology:

1. Click on the symbology icon located in the lower right margin.

2. Select the “+” option to create a new one.

3. Enter the name of the new color palette.

4. Indicate if the classification will be done by unique values, for example for the Ambient layers or by Ranges when it comes to performance or application maps (it allows obtaining maximum and minimum values).

5. Indicate the attribute to be used to create the symbology.

6. Select the number of desired classes and an initial, middle and final color.

7. Click on ‘Classify’, in this instance you will be able to change any color of the created classes.

8. To finish, click on ‘Save’.


General characteristics

The platform allows you to create symbology for all the available layers, for this it is important to understand the following concepts:

  • Symbology by unique value: this type of classification is carried out on qualitative variables, for example the environments of a class environments or the areas of a class of areas by index.
  • Symbology by ranges: used when the attribute to perform the classification is a continuous quantitative variable, for example adjusted performance or speed of a performance map. This type allows obtaining the maximum and minimum value of the selected attribute to easily create a color palette where the variability is easy to observe.

Assign Created Symbology

Select the layer you want to assign symbology, and then follow these steps:

1. Click on the symbology button, located in the lower right margin and select the Symbology you want to assign.

2. The selected symbology is applied to the map.


In the same layer, different attributes can be displayed with the appropriate symbols. For example, if we have a performance map, it is very easy to visualize the performance attribute, speed and humidity assigning different symbologies.

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