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Permit management: Farms

Farm360 the farms are part of the Workspace and contain the fields to be monitored and analyzed. There are different permissions associated with each farms, depending on the scope will be the functionalities that you can use. Here we tell you more:

Scope of permits

There are four levels of permissions that can be assigned:

    • None (N): the user does not have permission to access the farm and cannot view the content.
    • Reading (R): the user can view the farm and consult data. It also allows you to access the monitoring indexes, view the reports created but is not able to generate new ones.
    • Write (W): the user can query data and indexes, as well as add, edit or delete fields. In addition, this permission gives access to the generation of reports, analytics and files to navigate from the Farm 360 App.
    • Administrator (A): In addition to having access to all the tools that write permission grants, this user can also assign permissions to other members.

The following table specifies the scopes according to each role:

Scope of permits N R W A
View farm and consulate data and reports.   X X X
Generate maps to navigate in 360 App (mbtiles), analysis and reports     X X
Create / edit field, data of farm of the workspace     X X
Edit farm in the Workspace     X X
Invite other users to the farm.       X


Permissions are assigned for that single Farm, in this way you can have different user roles for each farm. The management of all farm is given by the administrator of the Workspace, we suggest the following related article.

Invite new members to an farm

The administrators of the farm can invite new members to the farm and assign them different levels of access or permissions. In the following steps we show you how to do it:

1. Go to the Farm that you want to share with another user.

2. Click on the “Invite” icon at the top left of the farm list.

3. Enter the e-mail of the person with whom you are going to share the farm.

4. Assign the desired permission: None, Read, Write and Administration.

5. Click on “Send invitation”.

6. The invited person will receive an email with steps to access the shared farm.


Modify permissions already assigned

It is very common to want to modify permissions already assigned to a person either to access more functionalities within the Farm or to revoke permissions. We show you the steps to follow:

1. Go to the farm whose permits are to be modified

2. In the same list of farms, click on “Invite” at the top left of the list.

3. Click on “Advanced Settings” to see the complete list of users.

4. Find the person whose permissions are to be modified.

5. Click on “Send invitation”.

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