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Geolocation Tools

With this tool you can search, consult and define points of interest in your field or farm, using geographical coordinates, latitude and longitude.

This allows to locate an exact point to start drawing a field, delimit the location of a test, take soil samples always in the same position, among other things.

In this article you will learn how to:

  1. Find coordinates
  2. Copy coordinates
  3. Change coordinate format

How to search coordinates in GeoAgro 360:

To search coordinates you can follow these steps:

  • Access the panel by pressing the symbol   located at the bottom left of the screen
  • Click on Find coordinates
  • Enter the Latitude and Longitude data in decimal or Degrees-Min-Sec format
  • Click on Go to coordinates and it will zoom into the area where the point of interest is located.

How to copy coordinates:

To copy coordinates, you can follow these steps

  1. Click on  to open the geolocation panel.
  2. Select the Copy Coordinates tool.
  3. Paste the copied coordinates where you want to store or share so as not to lose the information.
  4. Immediately paste the copied coordinates into a document such as Google Sheets, Notepad, WhatsApp chat, etc. so as not to lose the information.
  5. If you want to know the coordinates of other points, repeat the previous steps.

How to change coordinate format:

You can also modify the format in which the coordinates are displayed, alternating between Decimal or Degrees, Minutes and Seconds.
For that, you have to click on the geolocation panel, on the coordinates. Each click will change the format from Decimal to Degrees-Minutes-Seconds.

Choose the one of your preference to work!

Farm 360 uses WGS84 (World Geodetic System 1984) as the Geographic Coordinate System, the Latitude and Longitude coordinates provided allow locating any point on Earth without the need for another reference.