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Generic Layers

Within the layers of other layers you will find the layers of points, lines and polygons. These layers differ in the type of data although they maintain the same structure, in them you will be able to record sampling points, contour lines or settings that you make. In this article you will find information about:


Point layer

tooltip text

Activate point layer


Attributes of the points

In the point layer you can record sampling information or simply points where you want to make frequent revisits with the use of Campo360 app, it is an easy way to record information and share with the work team.

Lines layers

The line layer has multiple functionalities from identifying the status of the Establishment’s wiring to a contour map of the Lot or Establishment.

Polygon layer

tooltip text

Activate polygon layer


Attributes of polygons


Attributes of polygons

The generic polygon layer allows you to freely register any activity or attribute without the need to enter a lot of data.

For example, the perimeter of the fields of an farm can be recorded to account for the length of fences and their condition.

Layer structure

The layers of lines, points and polygons have the following simple and flexible structure:


Name Description
 Text value  Field to add text type attributes to the layer.
 Numeric value  Field to add numeric attributes.
Area [ha]  Area of the polygon (only for Polygon layers).

How do I import a layer?

To import a layer the following steps must be carried out:

  1. Click on Import  
  2. Select the file and type of layer
  3. Match the attributes
  4. Enter layer’s general data (metadata)

Reference: Importing a Layer

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