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Generate reports in Farm 360

Farm 360 allows the generation of multiple reports, useful for analyzing images, crossing variables and synthesizing information, in order to support decision-making. This guide shows how to create and access the available reports.

How to generate a new report

1. To create a new report, access the Layers Menu located on the right and press the “Reports” icon:

2. The system will present the different types of reports available. To begin, select the report that you are interested in generating.

3. An assistant will guide you step by step in creating the report, depending on the type of information required in each case.

How to access generated Reports

Once requested, you can access the Report by going back to the Layers Menu> Reports    > Created:


The list of all the reports available for the farm will be displayed:

1. The newly requested report appears in the “In Progress” status until the system finishes processing it.

2. Once available, the report changes its status to “Completed” and the hyperlink is activated to open it in Google Drive, from where you can view, edit and share it like any other document.
In addition to the title of the report, the name of the user who created it and the creation date are displayed. In case the resulting maps can be downloaded as .shape or .geojson, the download icons located on the right will be activated.

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