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Field visits

We detail in this article, how beneficial it is to upload Field Visits on our platform.


For more information on how to import a tour you can consult the following article: import field Farm360.

What is it?

We call the information collected during the field visit with the Farm 360 app a visit, which once synchronized will be available on the web platform to analyze and cross information.


What is it for?

Being able to view the different routes on the platform allows:

  • Digitize georeferenced data, consolidating it into a single platform with access to information for the entire work team.
  • Perform analysis of the collected data. For example: if tests are carried out or weeds are detected, the sampling points can be superimposed with the satellite images.
  • Validate productivity or environment maps.
  • Return to the same point as many times as required.

Layer data structure

The product points of the tours have associated information stored under a structure. This structure may vary according to the form used in the tour, but in general we will find:

Name Description
Image  Captured on the run.
Crop  Crop that went to check, completed by user
Creation date  When the tour was made
Accuracy [m]  Data related to GPS and positioning accuracy.


It depends on the purpose of the tour, there may be other registered values ​​such as name of the sample, percentage of crop coverage, incidence of weeds, etc.

For more information on how to edit attributes of a layer consult the following article: link

What information does it contain?

When activating a route layer, the different points where information was recorded in the field are displayed in the main panel, in orange. Selecting one of these points opens a box on the right side, which contains the info dumped during the tour of that site.

It may contain images, creation date and data that will correspond to the selected form in the App at the time of starting the tour.

In Farm 360 you can get your Tour report to know how to generate it, see the following article:Field visit Report.

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