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Report: Field Trends

¿What is a Field Trend Report?

This report makes a historical analysis of the performance of the selected field, from 2016 to the present, based on the evolution of the NDVI index calculated by the Landsat 8 satellite.

This report includes:

  1. Table with minimum and maximum values of NDVI for each year, with visualization of the NDVI image corresponding to the date, accompanied by bar graphs of monthly accumulated precipitation, and line of average precipitation of the analyzed years to evaluate its influence in the performance of the field.
  2. NDVI time series (heatmap), the average NDVI value of the field is displayed for each month of the years included in the analysis. When values of -1 are presented, it means that no data was obtained for the NDVI calculation.

  1. NDVI series and trend line, is a graph that shows the temporal evolution of the average value of NDVI for the field. The trend line of the NDVI series is calculated and represents its evolution over time.

  1. Regional trend, the chosen field is compared with other fields in the region. The symbolism represents the slope or gradient of the trend line, calculated at the pixel level. The green color means that there is a positive trend, and its NDVI has increased over the years. The yellow color symbolizes a negative slope on the trend line of the field, which is not necessarily synonymous with poor field performance.

¿What happens to images with cloud interference?

When a pixel with cloud is detected it is eliminated, if there are no valid data pixels left within the field for that date it is replaced with a value obtained by interpolation considering the average NDVI values of 34 days before and after the date.

¿What is this report used for?

It is a useful report to evaluate the long term effects of the management carried out in the fields. With this report you can visualize the influence that the incorporation of technologies such as cover crops, rotations, fertilization plans, etc. have on the value of NDVI.

In addition, the display of the average NDVI of each month for all years, together with the trend line, allows to analyze the influence of atypical events and their effect on the historical performance of the field.

¿How is it generated?

In the Reports tool, select the Fields Trend Report.

Then select the field to be analyzed. If more than one field is selected, individual reports will be created for each selected field.

To finish, click on “Generate”