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Drawing fields when importing yield maps (automatic)

If you have yield maps of your field and want to start using the 360 platform, you can import them from a local file or from other connected applications (such as John Deere’s Operations Center) through Datasync. During the process, the application allows you to automatically create the field layer, recognizing the boundaries of each field through an algorithm based on the yield point map..

This functionality simplifies and adds efficiency to the initial digitization, a fundamental starting point for the correct and organized management of layers in 360. As a result of a single import process, you get:

– New farm in 360

– New Fields layer in 360, with their respective names and crops

– Imported Yield layers

We show you the step-by-step guide to using this tool through Datasync.

1. Access the 360 platform and connect with Datasync from the app switcher.


2. Follow the instructions in the article Importing Layers using Datasync

3. In step N°5 – Destination is where you identify the 360 project where you want to import the information. This includes:

Workspace: you can select an existing one or create a new one (if you have permissions to do so)

Crop season: you can select an existing crop season or create a new one (if you have permissions to do so)

Farm: click on the magic wand icon and add a name for the new farm. Then press “Next”


4. In this Data Preview step, the application displays the outline of the fields created from the yield maps being imported.

It is essential to select each field individually, press Edit and complete the information for each field: name, crop, hybrid/variety, and planting date.

These details are crucial for subsequent traceability and to harness the full potential of crop monitoring and analysis offered by 360.

Upon completing the editing of field data, click Save.


5. Complete the following steps of the import process. When the new layers are available in 360, the system will send a notification via email.

Upon accessing the platform, you will see the new establishment, with its corresponding Fields layer, and the yield map or maps you selected for import.

IMPORTANT: For John Deere Users

If you have your maps in John Deere’s Operations Center, you can refer to the following articles to learn how to import them into 360 using DataSync.

– Import Fields from Operations Center JD

– Import Yields and/or Applications from Operations Center JD

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