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DataRequest: Processing Requests

What is it?

This form allows the request of a processing order to DataLab operators, containing all the information from 360.

To submit the request, the user must log in with their 360 account. Once logged in, the form will automatically display information associated with their domains, areas, workspaces, farms and fields.

The user needs to complete each of the requested fields, considering the type of request: Interpolated Maps, Application Processing, Productivity Map, and Yield Processing. Depending on the type of request, the relevant fields will be displayed.


It’s important to highlight that this form replaces the current request process through Kissflow, enabling more organized, error-free, and user-friendly submissions.

How is it generated?

    1. Access DataRequest by clicking on the App Switcher located in the upper right corner of 360.




  1. Log in with your 360 account, and on the left side, you will have options to navigate throughout the form, with the form displayed on the right.
  2. Select the “Type of Service to Request.”


  1. In the “Select farm” section, choose the Domain, Area, Workspace, Crop Season, and Farm, considering that they vary based on the chosen options. If a Domain doesn’t have Areas, the Workspaces will be those of the domain; otherwise, they will be those of the selected Area.


  1. In the “Select Fields and Parameters” section, choose each of the fields to include, considering that different fields will be requested based on the type of processing. Once the field information is completed, add it through the “ADD FIELD” button. This way, you can continue adding all fields associated with the request. If you wish to delete any, select it and click the “DELETE FIELDS” button. Keep in mind that, for all types of requests, fields are a mandatory field to complete.

Example of Fields in Interpolated Maps:


  1. Once the Fields are chosen, you need to “Select Files and/or Monitors” to include in the request.
  2. Consider the following:

    Interpolated Maps:

    1. Click on “BROWSE FILES” to browse for the files to upload.
    2. Click on “ADD FILE” to upload and add the file to the request.
    3. If you want to delete any file, select it and click on DELETE FILE.


Productivity Maps: It is not necessary to upload files.

Yield Processing/Application Processing:

  1. Select the Monitor from the dropdown list.
  2. Click on “BROWSE FILES” to browse for the monitor files to upload.
  3. Click on “ADD MONITOR” to upload and add the monitor file to the request.
  4. If you want to delete any monitor, select it and click on DELETE MONITOR.



7. Finally, you can add “Additional Information” that you consider necessary.




Deadline: indicates the deadline for processing the request. By default, it is set to 2 business days.

Reason: indicates the reason for the request.

Comments: any comments of interest for the DataLab operator.

Emails for notifications: you can enter the emails that should receive updates on the status of the request. You must enter an email and press “ENTER” to add it to the list.

8. Click on “CREATE REQUEST” to generate the request.


Once the request is created, updates on its status will be sent to your 360 email, as well as to the emails you entered in the last field.

By following the links in that email, you can access your request and provide comments on it.

Please pay attention to these emails, as a DataLab operator may even contact you for specific information about the request.

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