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Create account and forms

This article is intended for the Administrator

Please note that implementing KobotoolBox in your company requires two roles:

  • Project Administrator: this role is responsible for creating, editing, and sharing links to forms with collectors before field visits. Once field visits are completed, they must import the collected information into 360 using DataSync.
  • Collector: responsible for recording information in the field using the form provided by the Administrator.

One of the company members must take on the role of Administrator to create, edit, and share forms used in various types of field visits.

To do this, it’s necessary to create a free account on the Kobotoolbox platform, which will also later be used to connect with 360 and import information from different field visit.


1. Registration and access to KoboToolBox

The first step is to create your account on KoboToolbox by clicking here. If you already have an account, you can log in directly here.


Once the form is completed, you will receive an email to finalize the activation of your account. After completing this step, you can log in.

Important: Remember your KoboToolBox credentials!

You will need your username and password to later connect to GeoAgro 360 and import information through DataSync.


2. Creating forms from templates

Taking into consideration the experience of our user community, GeoAgro has developed a public library with some standard forms: Simplified Sampling, Emergency Control, Crop Status, Pests and Weeds, Yield Estimation, Harvest Control.

It is recommended to use these forms as a starting point, with the ability to later edit them to precisely match the data your organization wishes to record for each type of field visit.

To access the forms created by GeoAgro, use the option Library > Public Collections, and enter “GeoAgro” in the search bar. Libraries in Spanish, English, and Portuguese will be displayed. Select the preferred language and press the “Subscribe” button.



Upon entering the library, the different available templates will be listed.
Select the one you want to use, press the ‘Create Project’ option, and assign a name that allows you to identify it.

The newly created project will appear as a ‘Draft’. This is because forms can have three different states:

  • Implemented: these are the forms currently in use and can be accessed through a link or the mobile application to collect data.
  • Draft: these are forms under construction, not yet implemented, and therefore cannot be used.
  • Archived: these are forms that have gone through the implemented status but are now stored and cannot be accessed through the mobile application or web.

In this ‘Draft’ stage, you can view and edit the form (add or remove fields). When it is ready to be used in a field visit, press the ‘Deploy’ button.

3. Share the form link with collectors

To use already implemented forms, go to Form > Collect Data > Copy. The form link will be saved to your clipboard.

Finally, send the copied link via WhatsApp or email to those who need to use it for collecting information.

Other important articles about KoboToolBox

Recolectar datos a campo: explains how to proceed when you receive the link to a form.

Import field visits into 360 using DataSync to integrate the information collected in the field with other layers of the farm in 360.

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