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Query data structure of a shape with mapshaper.org

Each type of vector layer (shapefile) existing in Farm 360 has a specific data structure, defined to manage information within the platform, generate reports, etc. This means that the structure of a Field layer is different from that of Tours, Environments, Yields or Application.

Before importing a vector layer to Farm 360 it is very important to know its data structure, in order to be able to match or correlate the attributes of the layer that we are importing with the structure of that type of layer in the platform.

A very simple and practical way to know the structure of a map is through mapshaper.org, a free online tool that allows you to preview and consult information from Shapefiles, GeoJSON and other data formats.

This sequence shows how to do it:

The following is a step by step to query a data structure with mapshaper.org:

  1. Go to https://mapshaper.org/
  2. Drag / select from the local disk of the computer the compressed folder or the 3 files of the shapefile (.shp, .dbf, .shx)
  3. When the map is previewed, activate the “Inspect features” tool, indicated by the arrow icon located on the left of the screen.
  4. Press any element of the map to see the associated data structure
  5. A window will appear with the data structure: check the names of the attributes and in which there is information saved
  6. Decide which attributes you want to keep on the map that you will import to Farm 360. It is important to note or memorize the names of these attributes well, to use them in the attribute mapping process during import to Farm 360.


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