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Compare images and indices on different dates

Before consulting this article, we recommend you take a look at:  Access satellite monitoring

The following sequence shows how to access images and indexes on multiple dates:

To view and compare different dates on the screen:

1- Navigate in the calendar to the selected date and click on the (Add). By default, the cloud mask is activated and, therefore, the images with the presence of cloudiness are displayed in white. You can deactivate it by clicking on the icon .

2- Repeat this procedure with all the dates you consider useful.

3-To visually compare the images, switch between dates by clicking on the map layer selector.

To display available indexes, False Color or True Color: click on the index selector. You can also disable the cloud mask for each image.

The False Color image is very useful to rule out the presence of clouds. With this image you can check if the indexes are partially or totally affected by clouds.

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