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Best practices in the use of images in Farm 360

Satellite monitoring is most effective when we can use the images and indices as the basis for making decisions about the field. For this purpose, we propose a sequence of best practices, which work in a integrated way, according to the following figure: 

Let’s analyze the scope of each instance:

1) Image and indexes acquisition and processing

In Farm 360, they are automatically dowloaded and processed, from available data sources.
Multiple indices are generated to review different aspects of the crop.

2) Analysis and reports

Image analysis allows to evaluate images and indices, generate zoning, quantify changes between dates, or review the evolution over time and compare lots, among other possibilities 

3) Field Correlation

The maps can be navigated using Farm 360 App, to make guided visits, and collect data and photos. This is known as Field Validation, and allows you to relate the variations observed in the indices maps to what is happening in the field.

4) Decision making and application in the field

Once the problem has been diagnosed, the index maps can be used as a basis for applying agrochemicals, deciding on management, or other decisions.

5) Evaluation of results

Finally, the images are the basis for evaluating the evolution of the field and the outcome of the decisions.