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Area-based Index Reporting


What is it?

The Indices by area report allows a cross between a polygon map, such as a prescription, a productivity map or an environment layer, with an image of any index on a specific date.

To learn about the report’s content, click on the indicators in the image below:

To know the content of the report, click on the indicators of the image:

tooltip text

Map of the index and date selected for the report


Layer of polygons with which you want to cross


Table with the average value of the index and the surface for each of the classes of the polygon layer


Bar chart indicating the mean index value for each class class of the polygon layer


Boxplot to analyze the variability of the index within each class


Pie chart with surface area by class

Download an example!

To better understand the concepts, you can downloaded this sample report, which analyzes a green index on a specific date (critical period of the crop) with a productivity map of 3 classes (Low / Medium / High).

What is it for?

The index report by area is very useful to evaluate the situation of each area of the field on a specific date. It can be used for the following cases:

  • After a variable rate application to assess the effectiveness of the doses used in each prescribed zone,
  • To correlate environments vs green index during the critical period, an analysis that is usually a very good indicator of subsequent yield by environments.

How is it generated?

In the Reports tool, select the Index Report by area.

Enter the name of Report, and choose the corresponding polygon layer and index.

Click on “Generate” to create the report.