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Areas Lab

Within the variability layers, you will find the Areas Lab layer where the maps resulting from interpolations made by laboratory data at different depths of the soil are recorded, such as: organic matter, phosphorus, etc. In this article you will find information about:


What are the Areas Lab?

The Areas Lab maps are the result of a soil sample. As we mentioned before, there are multiple soil analyzes that can be carried out and at different depths of the soil. Campo360 allows you to have the information of your lot in a single space.


What is it for?

Having the Laboratory Areas within Campo360 allows you to carry out monitoring analysis of your crops and identify possible limitations in the development of the crop, for example, lack of any mineral in the soil.

Layer structure

These layers have two structures, the first one that we are going to discuss is data from the independent layer of the classes.

Name Description
Type  Reference to the map, for example Soil Map
Variable  Related to the mapped variable, for example Organic matter.
Unit  Unit of measure of the variable
Label  Variable name abbreviation.
Depth  Depth of the soil where the sample was taken.


The second is data from each polygon:

Name Description
AVG value  Average value of the area.
Minimum value  Minimum value of the area.
Maximum value   Maximum value of the area.
Superface [ha]  Polygon area.

How do I import a layer?

 Check this article: Importing a Layer.

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