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Activating a Layer and Checking Information

Previous to the article “Walkthrough”, it is recommended to be acquainted with some general concepts about the use of Farm 360 in: Layers in Farm 360

Also, layers must be added either following the steps to Create a layer or to Import a Layer.

Activating a Layer

To activate a layer the following steps must be carried out:

  1. On the layers panel (left), click on the type of layer that must be activated.
  2. On the bottom left area, the available layers will appear. Click on the selector ON/OFF to activate a layer.
  3. Each visible layer will appear on the map.

Active Layer/Display Options

When activating one of the layers, a chart that shows the different available tools will appear on the map, allowing the user to manage the distinct display possibilities:

  1. It allows the user to display the whole layer
  2. It allows the user to display it with or without symbology
  3. It allows the user to remove the layer from the map
Moreover, when activating more than one layer, there is an option to choose which the active layer is going to be, by means of clicking on the layer’s chart. It is then possible to see the active layer and, also, to check objects from it.
It is also useful when, for example, one layer without symbology is overlapped to a chosen image or to another layer (in this article it can be seen how to fix an image on the map.)

Checking and Editing Elements in a Layer

Once a layer is active, the information about an object of that layer can be checked.

By simply clicking on an object, a new window containing the corresponding information will be displayed.

Also, in cases in which the user has editing permission, the characteristics of the objects can be edited, by means of clicking on the “edit” option.

Checking and Editing General Information in a Layer (metadata)

Each layer has general information, such as the creation date, its name and some other data that belongs to each type of layer.

For example, if it is a layer of Zoning by index, the date of the image that was used, the classification method and the different types of layers, among others, will be seen there.

In order to get the metadata of a layer, the following steps must be carried out:

  1. Select the layer that is going to be checked and make it visible
  2. Click on the icon that displays layer’s information (metadata).
  3. A panel containing all the metadata is displayed.
  1. In case one of the characteristics has to be edited, it can be done by clicking on the “editing” icon and when the edition is finished, clicking on “save changes”.

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