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Access satellite monitoring

The following sequence shows how to access the monitoring of your fields in Farm 360: 

Now we propose you a step by step guide:

a) Sensor selection: in the reference panel, choose the satellite you want to see (Sentinel 2 or Lansat 8).

b) Cloud mask: The cloud mask is on by default, and images with clouds appear white. You can click on the icon and deactivate it.

c) Use of the calendar: a calendar is enabled to access and preview available images.

To use it, it is important that you recognize the following functions:

1) Click on the month: allows you to quickly navigate to other years/months.

2) Upper arrows: allow you to navigate between months.

3) Lower arrows: allow you to navigate between dates with available images. 

4) Dates in bold: days with available images (the satellite passed over the field).

5) “Seeing now” and day highlighted in green: indicates the date being previewed on the map.

6) Pin: adds the image being previewed to the map.

7) Green circle over one day: indicates that the image of that date has already been added to the map. 

d) Visualize NDVI: When you click on a date with an image available, the NDVI of the fields is displayed on the screen. These maps allow the identification of areas with different levels of crop vigor, from bare soil to developed vegetation.

In addition, areas covered with clouds are masked and presented in white.

e) Working with multiple dates and indices : After previewing, choosing and adding the image of your interest, it will be loaded as a layer to the main map.

With it you will be able:

– make visual comparisons with other images by selecting and setting additional dates.

– access other vegetation and humidity indexes, True Color (TC) or False Color (FC) of the selected date (clicking on the NDVI rectangle displays the other options).


f) Remove / Delete images from the map: You can do it with the cross located next to the name of the layer.

Remember this pin!

It is the one that allows you to add the images you are interested in to the map, to access the other indices, to compare on screen, etc.

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